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Looking for a better you?

Naturopathy is not a new concept. It is an alternative medical practice that have been around for thousands of years.
When Western medicine was not yet introduced, people were being treated with non-invasive therapies derived from nature, such as yoga, meditation, massages and so on.

Award Winning Naturopathy Center. Awarded by Times of India As Best Naturopathy Center.

At Narayandham, the best naturopathy Centre in India, we aim to introduce you to the power of natural remedies and therapies.
We wish to help you unlock the healing power that is within you by choosing to eat the right food and living a healthy lifestyle.
After all, naturopathy is a science that believes in the body’s innate ability to repair and heal itself.

When you come to our health wellness Centre, we will begin your healing process by starting with detox therapy that will help get rid of all the toxins inside your body.
The detox therapy will bring about balance and take you a step towards complete wellness.

Restore your health Naturally!

As one of the leading naturopathy Centre in Pune, we offer a wide range of natural therapies including shirodhara treatment,
panchakarma treatment and other such ayurvedic, natural treatments.

Our naturopathy treatments provide a holistic approach to not just treating immediate disease or illness, but enhancing one’s overall health and well-being.
We do not treat symptoms, but our approach is to find out the root cause of the problem.
When the main problem of a disorder is addressed, you can expect total rejuvenation.
Also, the chances of recurring illness is reduced.

We also offer corporate wellness programs to companies and organisations looking to make their employees and staff fitter and healthier.
Our packages address stress, exhaustion and such other issues that come up with having a hectic corporate life.
Bring your employees to our nature retreat and let them unwind, relax and get revitalized so that they can work to their potential.

Award Winning Naturopathy & Wellness Programs

  • Therapies– Naturopathy in India is considered a way of life! A practice that harmonises nature with the human essence. We offer wide range of naturopathy treatments:
    Massage Therapy | Acupressure | Acupuncture | Mud Therapy | Diet Therapy | Hydrotherapy | Hip Bath | Spinal Bath | Spinal Spray | Immersion Bath | Jacuzzi | Arms & Foot Bath Steam Bath | Sauna Bath | Whirlpool Bath | Colon Hydrotherapy | Water Therapy | Yogic Kriyas | Shirodhara | Abdominal Pack | Enema | Chest Pack
  • Wellness Programs- Narayandham offers the best natural treatments in India, for individual as well as corporates:
    Corporate Wellness | Weight Loss Program | Diabetes Management | Stress Management | Anti-Aging Program | Rejuvenation & Detox | De-addiction & Rehabilitation | Hormonal Imbalance | Skin Allergy
  • Yoga & Meditation Narayandham is a unique meditation retreat and yoga retreat in India:
    Kapalbhati | Yogasan | Meditation | Shankhaprakshalana | Therapeutic Yoga | Yog Nidra hatkarmas | Basti Yoga | Tratak | Power Yoga | Aquatic Yoga


Gastro Intestinal Diseases– Chronic Constipation | Abdominal Disorders | Gastritis | Hyper Acidity | Ulcers | Dysentery | Piles (Haemorrhoids) | Irritable Syndrome | Colitis

Respiratory Diseases– Bronchial Asthma | Sleep Apnea | Sinusitis | Allergic Rhinitis | Eosinophilia

Musculoskeletal Diseases– Osteoarthritis | Rheumatoid Arthritis | Calcaneal Spur | Gout | Sciatica | Cervical Spondylosis

Endocrine Diseases– Diabetes Mellitus | Menstrual Disorder | Leucorrhoea | Acne | Hypothyroidism

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Narayandham Treats Lifestyle Diseases

Lifestyle diseases have gripped more than half of the population and our nature cure centre is equipped to address it. We provide naturopathy treatment for diabetes, weight loss, obesity and so on. Get relief from lifestyle diseases by visiting our health wellness centre near Mumbai. Our non-invasive treatments do not have side-effects and you can expect long-term results as we treat the main cause of such diseases.

Why Come To Narayandham?

Narayandham Naturopathy & Retreat is one of the leading naturopathy centres in India.we have a record of treating various nationalities and providing them relief through carefully chosen natural therapies.Our retreat welcomes you to enjoy a comfortable stay in the heart of nature.You will be staying in villas that face the beautiful Lake Beale and be surrounded by greenery on all sides.The fresh air that you breathe will take away half your problems.The rest will be taken care of by our friendly staff and expert naturopathy specialists.